Das Plus an Schönheit

Plus Size Models: Die angesagtesten Curvy Models

Ashley Graham | © Getty Images | Presley Ann
Foto: Getty Images | Presley Ann
Plus Size Curvy Model Denise Bidot | © Getty Images | JP Yim
Foto: Getty Images | JP Yim
Plus Size Model Candice Huffine | © Getty Images | Gonzalo Marroquin
Foto: Getty Images | Gonzalo Marroquin
Clementine Desseaux | © Getty Images | Thomas Samson
Foto: Getty Images | Thomas Samson
Tess Holliday | © Getty Images | Rich Fury
Foto: Getty Images | Rich Fury
Plus Size Model Molly Constable | © Getty Images | Presley Ann
Foto: Getty Images | Presley Ann
Plus Size Model Paloma Elsesser | © Getty Images | Cindy Ord
Foto: Getty Images | Cindy Ord
Plus Size Model Angelina Kirsch | © Getty Images | Peter Michael Dills
Foto: Getty Images | Peter Michael Dills
Plus Size Model Sarina Nowak | © Getty Images | Frazer Harrison
Foto: Getty Images | Frazer Harrison
Plus Size Model Iskra Lawrence | © Getty Images | Mike Marsland/BFC
Foto: Getty Images | Mike Marsland/BFC
Plus Size Model Marquita Pring | © Getty Images | Mireya Acierto
Foto: Getty Images | Mireya Acierto
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✨A message for those of you feeling pressure to do ALL the workout videos out there and those who feel guilty for not losing weight during quarantine... —————————————————————————— ✨It’s ok to just do what you can, to put on some weight or just maintain your normal badass body that’s perfect as is. To allow your body to ebb and flow with your feelings during this time. It’s also ok to stop following any account that makes you feel like your not doing enough right now. You hold all the power to just listen to yourself and YOUR body and if your alittle softer around the tummy like I am from all the baked goods or not being able to have the normal routine and equipment....you can simply say “OH freakin well”. Let it GO! ——————————————————————————✨Do what you can. I still workout most every day, is it the same as when I have a real gym? No way. Am I eating more sweets. Absolutely. Who cares. What I’ve found is it’s usually only something I notice on myself, my own insecurities and pressure I put on myself. It doesn’t have to be a big shame cycle. You can keep it real simple. I still feel strong and capable as ever, and more importantly I’m more mentally strong by allowing myself to go through the motions without judgment or shame. —————————————————————————— ✨I’ll ebb and flow back when/if my body feels ready. Moving on to more important things and finding beauty in my strength and love I have inside of me today 💞 #healthateverysize #powerofshe #selflove #bodypositivity

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Felicity Hayward | © Getty Images | David M. Benett
Foto: Getty Images | David M. Benett
Plus Size Model Tara Lynn | © Getty Images | Anadolu Agency
Foto: Getty Images | Anadolu Agency
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